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Curatorial Services

In 2010, Naomi Nussbaum Art & Design was retained by the San Diego Botanic Garden to pioneer a new project entitled Sculpture in the Gardens.   Collaborating with the organization, an arts committee was established.  I authored a Call to Artists and disseminated it regionally.  Normally close to two hundred submissions were received and I select the best half and prepare a detailed visual presentation for the arts committee.  Together, we selected up to 80 sculptures per exhibition according to various criteria including aesthetic value, appropriateness, and potential to sell.  Once selected, I worked closely with the Director of Horticulture to secure the finest location to best highlight the artwork.  We needed to take into account diverse factors such as protecting rare plant species, potential growth of plantings surrounding the artwork,  and public accessibility.  

This project provided a fabulous opportunity for both seasoned and emerging sculptors to display their work in a magnificent venue.   We  included primarily local and regional artists, but also incorporated artists from out of state.  All artworks were for sale and over the years, sales  increased together with visitors' enjoyment of the gardens.  

“The quality and diversity of the annual sculpture displays improves each year. The program has grown because artists love having this beautiful setting for their work. Also, with over 60 works on display our visitors have a whole other level of enjoyment from their experience in the Garden,” said Julian Duval, ex-CEO of San Diego Botanic Garden.

The Oceanside Museum of Art Artists' Alliance retained Naomi Nussbaum Art & Design to curate an exhibition entitled Botanica  which was appropriately exhibited at the San Diego Botanic Garden's Ecke Building.  

The Leichtag Foundation retained my services to curate and oversee an exhibition by a Holocaust survivor, Ruth Platner, now 92.  This exhibition was scheduled to align with the Day of Remembrance.  

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